How Can We Pray For You?

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God, not my will but your be done... our world

Pray for natural disaster victims (earthquake, fires, hurricanes, flooding).

Pray for Christians being persecuted throughout the world.

Pray for God to send more of His people to the nations for the sake of His name.

Pray for Rene!! our nation

Pray for unity and peace in the political arena.

Pray for our leaders, that God would lead them and convict them as they serve the people.

Pray for national revival to God. my church

Pray for PCBC or if you go to another church, pray for your church!

Pray for your pastors and elders as they lead your church.

Pray for wisdom as the church dialogues on various cultural issues.

Pray for unity!

...on my campus

Pray for God to add to the number of those who are being saved!

Pray for Spiritual as well as Intellectual growth.

Pray for 2 fellow students by name! this ministry

Pray for discipleship to be our top priority!

Pray that God would make us a light and a city on the hill on this campus!

Pray for Alex to have wisdom as he leads the discussions each week.

Pray for true community to be formed and Christ to be formed in us. my life

Pray this: "Holy Spirit, I am weak. You are strong. Be strong in me."